Frequently Asked Questions.
What is Tesla Hunt?
Tesla Hunt is a online service that monitors Tesla Europe inventories in real-time.
How Tesla Hunt works?
Tesla Hunt process the data from tesla.com
and the service provides a bunch of features oriented for taking better buying decisions, like vehicle pricing over time, list of extras, or mechanical specification of each vehicle.
Who can use Tesla Hunt?
Whether you are a buyer particular or business company, Tesla Hunt can be used by anyone.
What is Tesla CPO?
Tesla Certified Pre Owned (CPO) are vehicles that Tesla sells as used.
The major advantage of this is to keep the Tesla official warranty in a more affordable price budged.
How Tesla CPO works?
Tesla CPO works like a public auction, where the price drops a bit every 24 hours (a non-exact estimation).
When you book a Tesla CPO, first you pay 100 € to block the transaction and Tesla gives you 14 days of the time window to supply the rest of the vehicle money.
You can check the rest of details at Ordering a Used Tesla
Who made Tesla Hunt?
Tesla Hunt is made by Mario (founder of teslascout.com
) and Kikobeats
How I can contact with you?
You can send an email to [email protected]